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In The Rose Garden

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President Obama and Governor Romney

Opinions of The Right: Fox News, RedState, Rush Limbaugh

Barack Obama looked energized at the second presidential debate, but Repubilcan candidate Mitt Romney gave the president a run for his money. Mitt Romney came into last night’s debate confident and well aware of what he was about to go up against. The Governor made clear at last night’s debate that he cares about 100 percent of the American people and that he wants to make America more attractive to entrepreneurs and small buinessses.

Moderator Candy Crowley sat down for an interview with CNN after the debate saying that Romney was right about Libya but picked the wrong words to describe Obama’s wrongdoings. The question remains as why the president claimed the attacks in Libya which resulted in the killing of U.S. Ambassdor Christopher Stevens to be an act of terror while his adminstration staff such as U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice went on several mainstream media talk shows and claimed that the attacks were actually caused by an anti-muslim video.


Overall Opinion

Fox News

Fox News reports that “Romney gave as good as he got, bickering with the moderator and Obama about  the ground rules, and challenging the president on his facts as well. But  Romney’s demeanor was largely similar to that during the first debate.”

While his opponent “was more assertive, and clearly aimed at reviving his poll numbers. The race now becomes  a battle for the message going into the final debate, and after that the  election.”

Obama tried to dominate that the message wars at Hofstra University by  shooting down Romney’s claims, again and again stating “that just isn’t true” mutilpe times.

In the video below, former Senior Advisor to President Reagan Pat Buchanan sits down with On the Record Greta Van Susteren to discuss last night’s performance.



Obama uses power of nope in bid to check Romney’s debate momentum




So did he or didn’t he? That is the question folks, whether President Obama claimed the attacks on Libya were an act of terror. When Moderator “Candy Crowley fact checked Mitt Romney on Libya. Make no mistake, this was an attempt to cover for President Obama, who has been bleeding on the issue all week,” says Jake at RedState.

In the video below, is what the President said in the Rose Garden the day after the attack:



“But as theologians say in regards to Biblical exegesis, “text without context is a pretext.” And the left’s used of the sole mention of “acts of terror” in defense of Obama’s statement is just that, a pretext,”says Streiff at RedState.

In the video below, Moderator Candy Crowley joined CNN after the debate admiting that Romney was right on Libya.



Jake at RedState says “If she’d really cared about this–and it sounds like she knew about this as she was saying it during the debate–she would have corrected herself during the debate, when the people were still watching.”


Candy Crowley Admits Romney was Right on Libya

Parsing Obama’s Benghazi Lie: He Blamed The Video Not Terror


Rush Limbaugh

After last night’s debate, Rush Limbaugh agrees that Mitt Romney missed the opportunity to hit the president where it hurts. Libya. Jake from Redstate isnt the only one who thinks that Candy Crowly was trying to save Obama last night.

Limbaugh believes that last night was a full-fledged destruction of the Obama record by Mitt Romney giving all the statistics as evidence:

Household income falling, unemployment up, the number of people out of the workforce, the number of jobs lost since Obama took office, the number of people totally out of work, 23 million.  Every economic statistic that detailed the crumbling aspects of this regime.

Democrats and liberals were hestiatingly waiting for last night’s performance. “All Obama had to do was show up and they were gonna call him the comeback kid. They had the story written before the debate happened,” says Limbaugh.

My Debate Analysis Defies the Uniformity of Thought That Pervades Virtually All Media


Sources: Fox News, RedState, Rush Limbaugh

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