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P90X Attack

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Opinion of The Right: Fox News, Human Events, Right Wing News

Not only is Paul Ryan the “intellectual founder of the modern Republican agenda,” but he is a serious P90X fanatic. Governor Mitt Romney’s performance at last weeks presidential debate changed the pace of the race to the White House. Paul Ryan needs to go into this vice presidential debate with a P90X mentality: Intense, motivated and laser-focused. If he can do that tonight, he will no doubt keep the momentum of the Romney-Ryan campaign to win this election.


Fox News

Paul Ryan has been preparing for the vice presidential debate like his famous workout regimen, P90X. The Republican running mate has held nine 90-minute prep sessions says Ted Oslon, an attorney, who throughout debate camp has taken on the role of playing Biden, says Fox News.

In the video below, Dick Morris sits down with On The Record Greta Van Susteren and discusses tonight’s Kentucky showdown between Vice President Joe Biden and Republican candidate Paul Ryan.



Paul Ryan completes P90X-style debate training ahead of Biden showdown


Human Events

Julie Ershadi at Human Events says, “Ryan just needs to keep four basic principles in mind on what ought to be a cakewalk through Kentucky.”

1. Just let Joe be Joe. 

All Ryan has to do to here is keep up his usual polite composure and turn the other cheek to what are sure to be tactless jabs at his policy views. Voters will see the contrast, and it’s likely to go a long way.

2. Embrace Peter Suderman’s suggested motto.

“If Ryan displays signs of an overarching philosophy, it might be described as ‘do everything you can, but also do what you must.’

3. Stay out of the weeds.

Medicare, Social Security, and the budget deficit are all sure to come up at the debate. Ryan knows the minutiae, and he needs to lean on his aptitude for clear articulation to enlighten listeners and leave Biden speechless.

4. Keep buoying the boss.

He has done a great job of channeling to the Romney campaign the positive attention he has gained for himself over the years. Thursday is just another chance to round that out and let a national audience see it for themselves.




Right Wing News

Paul Ryan. “He is not just a vice presidential candidate. He is the author and intellectual founder of the modern Republican agenda” says Dick Morris in his column at Right Wing News.

“It is rare that the ideological and substantive creator of a public policy agenda gets to weigh in during a national public debate. Usually, intellects of his scope and force are relegated to ghost writing and speech preparation. But now the originator of these ideas is the candidate himself. His ideas have shaped the entire Republican agenda and his programs for reform have energized its ranks. Now the author, himself, will be called upon to define and defend his programs and his ideas.”

Ryan: Romney’s Best Spokesman


Sources: Fox NewsHuman EventsRight Wing News

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